Johnson & Johnson and Walmart Support Black Maternal Health in Georgia

Northside Hospital in Georgia has achieved a major milestone as it is now officially recognized as the state’s first level four maternal center. The designation was granted by the Joint Commission Maternal Levels of Care Program after the hospital met the national standards for maternal care.

With more babies being born at Northside Hospital each year than any other hospital in the country, the verification ensures that mothers and newborns have access to the highest level of care from certified physicians and nursing staff. The hospital is equipped to handle all situations, from the healthiest of mothers to those requiring the most critical care.

Jan Dubow, the Vice President of Patient Care at Northside Hospital, commented on the achievement, saying, “We have the equipment and experts at the bedside to provide the best care for both mothers and babies, no matter what the situation.”

The Joint Commission Maternal Levels of Care Program verification is voluntary, but the Georgia Department of Public Health highly recommends all hospitals across the state participate. This news comes in the wake of a recent effort by Johnson & Johnson and Walmart to support Black Maternal Health in Georgia.

In conclusion, Northside Hospital’s recognition as the first level four maternal center in Georgia is a testament to its commitment to providing the highest quality care for mothers and newborns. This achievement is a significant step forward in improving maternal health outcomes in the state.


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