National Maternal Health Awareness Day

National Maternal Health Awareness Day, observed on January 23rd, is a day dedicated to bringing attention to the maternal mortality rates in the United States and finding ways to prevent it. The CDC reports that black and minority women are three times more likely to die from childbirth-related causes compared to white women, and two-thirds of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable.

Johnson And Johnson Consumer Health

In light of this, a new pilot program has been launched to address the black maternal health crisis in Georgia. This program is a partnership between Walmart and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, which offers at-home pregnancy support system for expecting mothers. Through this program, mothers can register online and have access to care professionals, specialized classes, support groups, and the ability to ask their questions and voice their concerns.

11 Alive’s medical expert encourages all expectant mothers to make their voices heard and to not let their concerns be brushed aside. Pregnancy is a critical time for both mother and child, and it’s essential for expecting mothers to feel heard and supported throughout the process.

In conclusion, National Maternal Health Awareness Day serves as a reminder of the importance of maternal health and the need for programs and initiatives to address this critical issue. The pilot program in Georgia is a step in the right direction, and we hope it will lead to a decrease in maternal mortality rates and improve the overall health of expectant mothers and their children.

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