Walmart, J&J partner to tackle Georgia’s Black maternal health crisis

Walmart and Johnson & Johnson have joined forces to tackle the Black maternal health crisis in Georgia by launching a new program aimed at improving maternal health outcomes for Black women. The program includes providing access to education, resources and support for expectant mothers and addressing systemic barriers to care through partnerships with community-based organizations. The program is part of a larger effort by Walmart and Johnson & Johnson to improve maternal health outcomes in communities of color nationwide.

“If we started with the Black mother, we believe we would help all moms. We made the commitment to say that we actually want to do something meaningful. We want to be part of the solution.”
– Warren Moore, Walmart’s Vice President of Social Determinants of Health

“She helped me with my appointments, she helped me stay on top of my numbers.  She called me and stayed on me. She was like a mother figure.”
– Candace Chester, Program Participant

“Programs like this and Walmart’s willingness to come forward and use their infrastructure and resources to close the gap is so pivotally important. Once we get this worked out in Georgia, we know that it will work anywhere.”
– Charles Johnson, Community Advocate

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